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Predator hunting pisses me off so much especially with wolves bc like they’re an endangered species to start with and also you’re not gonna eat it so what’s the point. Hunting for sport is unacceptable and a waste of precious lives. And don’t be like “this wolf was endangering me/my livestock/whatever because I’m sure there’s not enough of them anywhere to cause that much damage. (I am a hunter but I only kill what I’m going to eat and THATS IT)

Only a few subspecies of the gray wolf are endangered, gray wolves as a whole are not.

While the hunter may not eat the wolf, the meat may still be used. I’ve heard tell some hunters feed wolf meat to their dogs. Besides, the pelts have monetary value to there’s incentive, especially if you make your living off hunting. 

Also, “I’m sure there’s not enough of them anywhere to cause that much damage.” This particular wolf was shot in Alaska where they have an estimated population of about 6000-7000 wolves. There’s even more in Canada (around 60,000 at best). They have stable, in fact thriving populations up there so yes, there is enough of them around to cause some real damage if they wanted to. 

Ok I guess that’s true, but not everyone hunts for those reasons, I know of people who will use those things as an excuse just to hunt and kill for sport, which is always wrong. I also don’t want people to get too used to hunting wolves and put their population in danger again (I don’t know all the facts about their populations though so…) also feeding them to dogs is kind of cannibalism since they are almost the same species so I don’t think that really justifies it but whatever. Thanks for the insight though

People have been hunting wolves for thousands of years, I’m pretty sure they’re used to it in some areas already. When gray wolves were hunted towards extinction it was back when hunting regulations were, well, essentially non-existent. These ‘hunters’ were on a mission to exterminate wolves from the lands they wanted to settle on. Thanks to the studies done by a number of dedicated individuals, we know how important wolves can be to the ecology of an ecosystem, and why they needed to be protected. Being able to hunt wolves is in a way, a token to those efforts, odd as that may sound. This is just my opinion, but it’s nice to know there are enough gray wolves to hunt without seriously damaging their numbers.

The attitude towards hunting wolves has changed…somewhat. After the reintroduction of wolves in the lower 48, many ranchers and hunters were very eager for hunting season to open in certain states. Now that it has, there is an attitude of arrogance, but that’s only with certain groups of people, and is not a good representation of the attitude of hunters as a whole

When it comes to the northern populations of wolves, those populations are stable enough to take the seasonal cull. The licenses sold, the products from wolves harvested, and even the hunting trips (food, logging, other supplies purchased while on the trip) fuels the economy in those areas, and some of the money does go back into conservation efforts. One of the best ways to help wolves is to hunt them.

And tbh, a lot of animals will nibble on their own kind. Dogs don’t have the morals humans do, if they see meat they’ll likely eat it. And trust me, wolves have no trouble killing and devouring dogs or coyotes. A domestic dog may be a subspecies of the wolf, but no matter what wolves will read them as threats, not brothers.  

The removal of wolves from the lower 48 wasn’t really due to ‘hunting’ either for sport or for pelts. It was a calculated extermination. They saw it as “pest control” to make way to turn the US into a giant parcel of ranch land. It was about as much “hunting” as setting mouse traps in a grain bin is “hunting.”

They had no real use for the animals they killed, they killed them purely to collect the bounty that the government put on them. It was usually a paw that you had to turn in to prove you caught one, so they would kill a wolf, cut off the paw and leave the rest to rot because all they wanted was the 5$ or whatever they’d get from Uncle Sam. Wolves were seen as little more than rats.

Luckily, wolves are extremely adaptable predators and while the extermination effort greatly reduced their numbers, it never managed to fully kill them off. Now, modern wolves in the lower 48 have an extremely healthy fear of humans, and they’re making a good comeback in places where they were once far removed. There’s still some states that buckle to rancher’s wishes to kill off wolves the moment they get a foothold again though. Still, if you shoot a few wolves in Alaska, you’re not really gonna make a huge dent one way or the other.

Sam Pepper handcuffs himself to women on the street, refusing to release one woman until she kisses him




In January, Sam Pepper uploaded a video called “How To Get A Girlfriend Easy” in which he sneaks up behind or beside unsuspecting women on the street and handcuffs them to himself. He then tells them they’re “his girlfriend now.” When one victim reacts furiously, saying “No! I don’t know you! Take it off!” and demands that he remove the handcuffs, he refuses and replies with “We’re dating now.”

Creepy, wrong, and not at all funny. Sick even. Dude is a predator.

I’d shank him

That’s creepy as fuck. If somebody did that to me there would be no laughing, giggling, awkward introductions or any of that shit. He would be on the ground with nowhere to escape, several broken bones, and a karambit in his face. I have GIANT issues with being restrained and being restrained by someone I don’t know? Nah fuck that. This is unacceptable behavior. No one can tell me otherwise.


Don’t ever mess around with a pack of livestock guardian dogs. Although scenes like this seem brutal- these dogs actually do wild predators a great service. Dogs that keep livesock safe by frightening away predators remove the need for farmers to trap, poison or shoot wild predators on sight.

Most animals would rather flee than fight, so scenes like this aren’t incredibly common, most of the time the predator decides that the livestock aren’t an easy meal and leaves them be. For this reason, these dogs are working great wonders for wolves, lions, snow leopards and bears by acting as a non-lethal deterrent. Despite the odd casualty, they are an important tool for survival- for farmers and the wild alike.

Daaaammn. Badass babies!


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